I’m a gym girl – men ‘can’t get rid of me’ when I’m taking selfies but I don't care, I stand my ground | The Sun
18th February 2023

A FITNESS fanatic doesn't mind monopolizing the "posing room" at her local gym.

Men try to hurry her away from the mirror, but she's unfazed – there are gym gains to photograph.

After working out, Delaney Maldonado (@delaneymaldonado) reported to her favorite spot in the gym to record a TikTok.

Standing in a mirrored room, Maldonado held her phone up to capture a full view of her body.

She wore a white cropped tank top and fitted gray shorts that showcased her assets.

In the video's caption, she established her audience's point of view.

She put them in the mindset of "the men waiting for me to leave the posing room."

Maldonado turned, showed off her glutes, and flexed as she looked over her shoulder.

With a sweet smirk, Maldonado fluttered her eyelashes and raised her eyebrows.

"One thing I'm going to do is take my time," she assured commenters in the video's description.

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Her fans were immediately on board with Maldonado, encouraging her to stick around as long as possible.

"You tell them," one viewer wrote, adding a string of cry-laughing emojis.

Another, impressed by Maldonado's body – and her attitude – referred to her as "Goals AF."

Even a fellow gym bro chimed in, telling Maldonado to keep at it.

"Stand your ground," he insisted.

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