I'm a gym girl – I get trolled whether I wear tiny shorts or baggy fits, the moral of the story is dress how you want | The Sun
6th May 2023

A FITNESS fan delivered a stern message to any trolls who dare to comment on her wardrobe.

Using a montage of outfits, she also encouraged her fellow gym girls to wear what made them feel good and forget everyone else.

Fitness influencer Gracie Collis (@gracie_collis) is an accomplished athlete who's built her physique in the gym.

Still, trolls apparently believe she needs help with the most basic aspects of her fitness routine – like dressing for it.

Collis shared a video in March to "celebrate" International Women's Day that cataloged some of the worst comments.

She titled the assemblage of clips "The story of gym girl judgment."

The first showed Collis in a loose T-shirt and a pair of shorts that highlighted her thigh muscles.

A comment from one of her TikTok viewers popped up on the screen.

"Ever heard of jogging pants or basketball shorts?" the pithy recommendation read.

So, Collis dutifully changed into a more "modest" pair of jogger sweatpants.

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Once again, a viewer made a creepy comment and said he would continue to stare.

"That won't stop us," the man wrote, adding eyeball emojis to get his lecherous point across.

On the suggestion of yet another commenter, Collis changed into loose sweats and a full-coverage, long-sleeve shirt.

"Wear proper clothes and it won't be a problem," the commenter encouraged her. "Baggy sweats, long shirt. No one's looking."

But, as it turns out, people were looking, particularly anonymous men on social media.

This time, the outfit Collis chose received praise for how it framed her glute muscles.

"The back end has more to offer, let's be honest," read one of the comments about her body.

In the end, Collis turned her attention away from the "helpful" men in her comment section.

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Instead, she addressed her fellow gym girls, using her own experiences to deliver a vital message.

"Wear what you want, because someone will always have an issue either way," Collis wrote. "Make yourself happy."

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