I'm a gardening whizz – how protect your plants from frost for free and all you need is a old milk bottle | The Sun
6th October 2022

GARDENING can be an expensive hobby if you want to have the best gear and gadgets.

But you don't actually need to spend a penny to help your plants thrive, since one clever hack uses the old milk cartons you already have in the fridge.

The gardening trick was shared by presenter and author Steve Wilson, and it's perfect if you love gardening but don't love coughing up the cash for equipment.

Steve revealed that you can use old plastic milk bottles to create a similar environment as a greenhouse.

The hack is perfect for keeping plants and seedlings safe from frost and other harsh weather over the winter.

Steve explained: "We've all got milk bottles, you finish your meal and what are you going do with them?"

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If you want to try the hack for yourself all you need to do cut the bottle in half, removing the bottom half.

You can then place the top half of the milk bottle over any delicate plants or seedlings that might need a bit of extra protection during the colder months.

Steve said: "It protects it from the elements but it also works a bit like a greenhouse so the light will still get it, and it keeps it nice and warm keeps and protected.”

But the hacks don't end there, he also revealed how keen gardeners can use empty milk bottles as a watering can.

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All you need to do is poke a few holes in the lid of the bottle and fill with water so that the perfect amount can flow out without drowning your plants.

You can even cut plastic bottles to make a DIY trowel – just cut in the desired shape around the bottle's handle and you can get all your gardening done without breaking the bank.

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