I’m a frugal mum so wash my kids’ leftover pasta and eat it myself to save waste – people say I'm gross but I don’t care | The Sun
10th May 2023

A FRUGAL mum’s pasta-saving habit has seriously divided opinions – with people dubbing it “gross” and “weird”.

Content creator Becca washes her toddler son’s leftover pasta to enjoy it herself. 

The vegan mum took to TikTok to show herself washing off her tot’s “untouched” bolognese and turning it into a “kimchi pasta” to suit her plant-based diet. 

She wanted people on social media to help settle the debate with her husband on whether the pasta-saving hack was “gross” or not.

According to Becca, her husband thinks she is “really weird” and “crazy”.

The mum-of-one, who is currently pregnant with her second child, said: “I wanted a different type of pasta and my son did not touch his pasta during lunch.

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“So I decided to save the pasta by rinsing off the sauce and creating the pasta I wanted to have again, which was my kimchi pasta that I had in my previous video.

“I got to know, is it weird or is it a good way to reduce food waste?”

But Becca is no closer to finding a resolution as she has now divided opinions on the internet. 


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A second demanded: “Apology video now. With tears.”

A number of people sided with Becca’s husband that the idea was “gross”.

One mum penned: “I am not Italian but my heart just stopped beating.

“I think your husband’s right.”

However, others thought the idea was “genius” and perfect for minimising food waste.

There were also viewers on the fence about the idea, with many asserting they liked the idea but wouldn’t try it themselves. 

One said: “I mean, it’s weird but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.”

Another echoed: “Personally I think it's brilliant, but a bit odd.”

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Becca affirmed in response: “Definitely a little unconventional."

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