I’m a foodie & have mastered how to turn leftover broccoli into fries in the Air Fryer & it's so easy | The Sun
20th February 2023

WITH food prices soaring you want to make sure you make the most out of all the food you buy. 

That may mean making use of scraps that you might have thrown away in the past. 

Turns out some people throw broccoli away stems but you can actually use them to make a tasty snack.

A TikTok creator has shared her easy recipe for air fried broccoli stems and you only need two ingredients. 

Feel Good Foodie said: “Don’t throw out those broccoli stems. Peel them, cut them, season them and air fry them for an awesome snack.”

She continued: “The biggest mistake people make when they cut broccoli is they throw out the stems. Instead of throwing them turn them into fries.”

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For prep all you need to is peel the broccoli and cut in them into fries. 

Next season with garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste.”

The foodie said: “Just peel the tough outer skin, cut, season and Air Fryer at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.”

The Air fryer fan admitted: “They are not really crispy but they’re delicious so fun for dipping.”

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The great thing about this method is you can use it on other vegetables like carrots and other root vegetables. 

If you have got kids this is a fun way to get them to eat their greens. 

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Some viewers were very impressed with the viral video which gained over 1.3 million views. 

One user said: “That looks so good everyone is tripping bro I’d eat that.”

Another user said: “I love how this helps with food waste. If ppl [people] know something they can use every part of food for that would totally help.”

A third user said: “I have to cut back on carbs rn so I might try this and see if they satisfy the need for fries for now.”

Many viewers shared their own ideas for making use of broccoli stems. 

One user said: “I like to grate the stem and make broccoli slaw.”

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Another said: “I like to bread them with a little panko and parmesan!!! it’s very good!!”

A third said: “Freeze the stems and use it to make stock with other scraps you save to freeze.”

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