I’m a food guru and my hack helps keep berries fresh for up to two weeks
2nd May 2022

THERE'S nothing quite as heart breaking as going to dig into your fresh berries only to discover they've already gone bad.

It feels like as soon as you leave the shop with the delicious fruits time speeds up and they begin to grow mould.

The gardening and food whizz shared how they keep their berries perfectly juicy for longer, and it's so simple.

Eating Healthy Today shared on Instagram: "I am fully aware that most of us gobble up those precious berries the second we get them.

However, some of us like to savour them and spread them out through the week—fresh berries are EXPENSIVE!"

However, some of us like to savour them and spread them out through the week—fresh berries are EXPENSIVE!"

And they're not wrong, if you're splashing the cash on a tub of strawberries, you want them to last at least a few days.

"Sometimes I pay over £5 for a tiny container of raspberries," they shared.

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"Or I buy in a large quantity from the farmers market and they go bad quickly, and I’ve now wasted food."

The pros hack is to simply add the berries to a bowl with white vinegar and water.

Just let them sit for 10 minutes in the mixture before rinsing them with cold water.

Then just dry the berries, "this is the most important step," the pro says.

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"Blot with a paper towel and let air dry (or whatever method works for you).

"Transfer to a container lined with paper towels (also important).

"Cover and store in the fridge and enjoy the fruits of your labour (no pun intended ).⁣"

And voila! Fresh berries for days and days.

People loved the simple trick: "I can vouch for this, I use apple cider vinegar and mason jars to store though."

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Another said: "We put ours in mason jars too, it's amazing how long they last."

A third quipped: " Gonna try this!"

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