I’m a female bodybuilder – I’m told to cover up at the gym because my body is ‘distracting’ but I do what I want | The Sun
27th December 2022

A FEMALE bodybuilder got asked to cover up at the gym for her "distracting" body but she doesn't think she's the problem.

Kerigan Pike, a bikini pro and bodybuilding coach, shared the unpleasant gym experience in a video with over 27k TikTok followers.

The bodybuilder had been minding her own business, hard at work, when someone approached her.

"You should cover up in the gym," they said.

"It's distracting."

She stood in front of the mirror as she pondered her response, dressed in leggings and a hoodie.

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"Miss me with that bulls***," she said, quoting the iconic Kendrick Lamar song.

"I do want I want #gymtok #fittok #offseason."

She took off the hoodie, revealing her toned physique and impressive arms.

People took to the comments to share their sympathies.

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"If they’re distracted then they’re just not working hard enough," said one commenter.

Others agreed with the sentiment.

"Must be doing something right if they’re looking," said another.

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"Keep workin babe, keep them lurking."

"You’re goals! You’ve worked hard for that body, you betta sis!" encouraged a third.

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