I'm a fashion whizz and these trends will make you look 10 years older – it's bad news if you love loud prints | The Sun
31st August 2022

THERE are some fashion trends that might've looked stylish a few years ago, but the truth is if you're still wearing them you could be making yourself look 10 years older.

Luckily, fashion whizz Chi Li revealed exactly what you should ditch from your wardrobe if you want to avoid aging yourself.

Capri trousers

Capri trousers seem great in theory, especially when the weather isn'tquite sure if it wants to be hot or cold, but they not only make you look older but also make your legs look shorter.

Since they cut you off at your calves they highlight one of the wider parts of your leg, which isn't a great look.

Chi recommended switching them to a light-weight wide leg option for a timeless and chic alternative.

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Shapeless dresses

Lots of people opt for a shapeless dress because they want to hide their figure, but according to the fashion pro they actually make you look bigger.

She said: "They make you look 10 years older and also 10 pounds heavier.

"Switch to a dress that cinches your waist, no matter your age defining your waist makes you look better instantly."

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Loud prints

Large and busy prints can be a fun way to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit – but they're also making your look old.

Chi explained: "Loud prints, especially those on a dark background, they really look distracting and are very hard to wear as you age.

"If you really love prints go with something subtle, this will emphasize you instead of the clothes."

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