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3rd October 2022

FORGET spending hundreds to look expensive, as elevating your outfit could be as easy as 15 simple styling hacks.

The rising costs has affected billions across the world, including those who live and breathe all things fashion.

Luckily, looking well put-together and chic has never been easier, according to style expert, Amanda John, who regularly shares fashion hacks on YouTube.

The whizz took it to social media to list her top 15 tips for elevating your outfit without forking out a fortune, and it might be as easy as taking care of your garments.

Take care of your clothing

''Pay attention to the care instructions on every single piece of clothing, even if it was very affordable.''

She explained in a video: ''Washing it improperly can definitely age it quicker and make it look cheap.''

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Store correctly

Amanda warned: ''Be careful with those very cheap plastic hangers, especially if they have a very straight edge that will easily misshapen your tops and make them look stretched out.''

Instead, she recommended, fold your clothing were possible – and this is a must for sweaters.

Avoid sheer clothing

No matter how much the piece of clothing, for instance a silk blouse, cost, Amanda said that if it's sheer, it will look cheap.

''If you are wearing sheer leggings, make sure your booty's covered up because no one wants to see that.''

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Too many logos

For those who can afford to splurge out on high-end designer clothing, the fashion pro recommended sticking to just one or two logos per outfit.

''You don't want to be a walking billboard for a brand.''

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The right fit

''An example of this I see all the time is if your blouse is too small, especially in the bust area.

''Make sure your buttons are laying properly, you don't want them to look […] like they're struggling to be closed.''

Avoid wrinkled clothing

Although clothing will wrinkle naturally throughout the day, you shouldn't be leaving the house with something that's been squeezed in the wardrobe for months.

This, she noted, applies especially for garments like shirts – particularly on the cuffs and the collar area.

''Always give those a good steam before you wear them – […] and you'll definitely look more expensive.''

Proper maintenance

No matter how much you've spent on a garment, if you don't maintain it – and this applies to cashmere more than anything else – it will instantly look cheap.

To get rid of any unwanted piling, Amanda recommended buying a fabric shaver.

''It's so affordable on Amazon and it's a must-have in anyone's wardrobe.''

Scuffed footwear

''This can happen a lot with heels […], which just cheapens the looks.''

If you do have a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore but they've also seen better days, the styling whizz suggested taking them to a cobber.

''They can clean them up and look so much better.''

Look for simple denim

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of denim, Amanda said there are a few things to look out for.

''Take a look at the zipper, make sure the colouring is correct, make sure there's no green undertone to it and also make sure you don;t see the zipper when you do zip them up.

''Less is more – the simpler the jean, the more expensive it's going to look.''

Uncomfortable clothing

''You can be wearing a designer dress and if you don't feel like a million bucks in it, you're not going to look a million bucks.''

The same, she added, applies to shoes, particularly high heels that you're not comfortable in.

Poor quality seams

''This is a telltale sign whether or not something is super cheap and was made in a factory by a machine.''

This, in turn, can make the pattern uneven and give the outfit a cheap aftertaste.

Scratched sunglasses

Although summer is now over and we probably won't reach for our sunglasses any time soon, it's worth to keep this in mind for the following season.

''If you're wearing a pair of sunglasses that are overly scratched, that's just going to look like very cheap, low quality plastic.''

Amanda recommended to take care of them and put the accessory in a proper case to ensure they last longer.

Cut hanger loops

''You don't want those little strings to be coming out of your outfit. I personally always remove them.''

Instead, to make sure the garments don't slide, invest in non-slip hangers.

Watch for belt loops

''I despise these, I see these all the time on dresses, anything that comes with the tie-waist.

''They're a huge eyesore and definitely cheapen your look.''

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Cut loose threads

''Pay attention to any loose threads and cut those before you wear them.

''It may be a good idea to make a little emergency kit to keep in your bag that contains a tiny pair of scissors so you can easily snip those away.''

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