I’m a farmer’s wife – I think tractors are hot and find nothing sexier than a hard-working man | The Sun
20th March 2023

A WOMAN has revealed some of the crazy questions she gets asked about her life as a farmer's wife.

It seems those outside the farming community have an unusual take on the world of ranching.

Loren Mattingly (@lorenmattingly) has been able to offer some perspective because being the other half of a beef cattle farming couple was not part of her life plan.

As a college athlete and nutrition major, today she adds health coach to her occupation as rancher's wife.

She's also a busy mom to three growing boys.

In her post, featuring her husband, she shared some of the things she had been quizzed about.

“Questions I get asked about being a farmer’s wife," she captioned her post, as she beamed brightly.

First up was this inquiry: “Is your husband a real farmer?”

She gave that an affirmative: "Yes, he’s a real farmer," she said.

The follow-up question was a curious one: “Do you think his tractor’s sexy?”

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But Loren's answer was surprising: "Why yes I do," she said.

Was country life one of your life goals was another familiar question: “Did you always want to be a farmer’s wife?”

Not necessarily, she said: "Wasn’t even on my radar."

While her husband looked on nonchalantly, the answer to the last question was obvious.

“Is there anything sexier than a hard-working man?”

As she leaned back, she gave hubby a kiss and said: "No honey, ain’t nothing like it."

Comments were charmed by the couple.

“Lol you guys trying not to laugh is too cute," said one follower.

In conclusion, another viewer related to Loren's experience though hers had been a whole lot longer: “I’ve been a farm wife for 52 years and never a dull moment. You learn a lot about the weather, chasing cows, and the best way to get diesel out of jeans," she said.

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