I’m a farm girl – when I’m not milking cows, I like to twerk near them but they’re unimpressed | The Sun
31st December 2022

A COUNTRY girl has shared that she loves to dance when she's not milking the cows on the farm.

She showed viewers her fun habit in a TikTok video online.

TikTok creator @itsthatkiwigirl is a self-described farm girl that loves to have fun in her life.

Much of her social content pertains to her working on the farm and attempting to date.

Her dance skills are put to the test when she has an unusual partner.

In a video, the content creator gives viewers a glimpse into how she likes to pass the time at work.


There are four types of country girls – men prefer the farmer look

At the start of the video, she can be seen standing on what appears to be a farm full of greenery.

She is wearing a lime green athletic crop top and black shorts.

What really steals the show is the cow that she's twerking on, which appears to be unbothered by her dance moves.

Appropriated captioned, "Somethings missing but I can't figure out what it is," the cowgirl is mouthing along to a few lyrics of "Rich Flex" by Drake & 21 Savage.

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The blonde gestures to the camera and points as she looks to be having the time of her life.

Other viewers were big fans of the video and offered their two cents in the comment section about her attire.

Apparently, they were very perplexed over why she is missing a boot in the video.

"That something is me. silly!!" one viewer commented.

"if she got up and started dancing that would have been next level!" another added.

"Where is your other boot? Normally you have both boots on?" a user inquired.

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