I'm a domestic queen – there are loads of ways to make your house feel luxe on the cheap, my Rule of Thirds is essential | The Sun
17th January 2023

A DOMESTIC queen has revealed how to make your home feel expensive on a budget.

Chantel Mila, from Australia revealed three easy ways to make your home feel more luxe.

The mum-of-two regularly shares organisation and cleaning tips on tricks on her TikTok account, Mama_Mila.

Chantel explained it was the small things that make the biggest difference in your life, and she had plenty of tricks to make them feel more luxury.

In a recent video, the mums first tip to making your home look more expensive was to hide unnecessary clutter like cables and wires.

She said: "Conceal messy wires around the home using stick on cable covers and cable management boxes."


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Next, the domestic queen revealed you should ALWAYS use the Rule of Thirds technique when displaying knickknacks around the home.

Chantel explained: "Style items around the home using the rule of thirds – this states that objects look best when grouped in odd numbers, like 3, 5 or 9 3."

Chantel added that this will help make areas around your home look more visually appealing.

The final hack the mum shared was to soften your towels with liquid detergent and one cup of baking soda.

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This will ensure you get that hotel-feel after a bath or shower no matter what.

The video soon went viral with over 60,000 views and over 2,000 likes.

The Melbourne mum has accumulated over one million followers and 13 million likes on the video sharing app.

And people were seriously impressed with her easy yet affordable luxury home tips.

One wrote: "Love this series!"

Another penned: "Beautiful! Where do d you get the plug concealer box from?"

Chantel said she got the plug concealer boxes from Bunnings – an Australian store but you can also find them on Amazon for as little as £9.99.

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