I’m a dog trainer & people always assume my favourite breed is dangerous but they couldn't be more wrong | The Sun
14th January 2023

A PROFESSIONAL dog trainer explained that, despite people assuming the worst, dobermans are actually very friendly dogs.

The Essex dog pro explained that people often see them as dangerous because of the way they're used on TV and in media.

In reality, she explained, the pooches are very playful and loyal.

In the short video on TikTok, she said: "So why do people think dobermans are really dangerous dogs?

"Simply because of the way films and social media portray them as really bad dogs.

"They use them for like guarding etc etc. They are very very friendly dogs.

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"They are not dangerous. It's all about how the human or how the owner will treat the dog."

She continued: "They're very intelligent, very loyal, very affectionate dogs.

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"I do not recommend this dog to anyone who has not got the time, who has not got the time to exercise them, give them the needs they require.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the video.

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One person said: "All dogs are nice unless you mistreat them."

Another said: "He looks really scary, beautiful but scary."

A third said: "They're beautiful. My friend has had dobermans since her children were little."

Another said: "No such thing as a bad dog ever. Just a bad owner. Champ is adorable!"

While another said: "It's the owner, not the dogs. He's beautiful."

One commenter had a slightly different response.

They said: "Kendall Jenner has one and she's fit so it must be ok."

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