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8th September 2022

IF you want a pet pooch but are worried about the size of your home then these are the breeds for you.

Professional dog trainer, and founder of Dogs With Manners, Alice Manners, has spoken to Fabulous revealing the dog breeds that are best suited for those whose homes are on the smaller side.

“A small house doesn't necessarily need to mean a small dog! It is about ensuring you can provide what the dog needs”, says Alice.

The questions you need to ask are: “Is there a space in your home for their bedding and bowls? Are there areas nearby where you can take them for a sufficient walk?”

Alice adds that she has previously lived in a small flat with dogs and managed fine, saying: “I myself lived in a two bed first floor flat with two dogs. 

“They each had their own space to sleep and we were 5 minutes from the park which we went to everyday. They were fulfilled and that is what matters.”


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So which breeds are the best choice for people living in smaller homes or flats?


Their smaller size makes the dachshund a great choice for those with small homes, as they’ll just need a small area for food and water and another for their bed.

However if you’re living in a flat it’s unlikely that you’ll have a garden so you may need to take your pooch out quite often to ensure that they have enough exercise and are able to go to the toilet.


Cockapoos are another small breed, and are one that tend to be able to adapt well to new and different environments, so if you have to downsize for any reason they’ll likely be okay with a new, but smaller home.

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Like any dog in a small home, you may have to take the pooch out more often than those who can let their dogs run wild in their backyards.

Cockapoos also require a lot of attention, so be sure you don’t have a busy schedule before choosing one of these pups.

Great Danes

Despite their size Great Danes are quite well-suited to small homes, or flats, and according to Dogster are one of the top ten breeds for apartment living.

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Great Danes are happy to relax in any size space, although you may find yourself moved off the sofa if they decide that it’s their spot.

Their calmness, and easy-to-train nature means that they also won’t be too much trouble to your neighbours.

Saint Bernards

Another surprising option for smaller homes is the Saint Bernard, which like the Great Dane is quite big in size.

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This sociable breed loves to spend time with their owner and family, no matter the size of the home. 

However as puppies they may not be the best suited to living in a small space so keep this in mind when choosing a new pooch.

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