I’m a dog behaviorist – three breeds I would never own, the second has been known to kill people | The Sun
30th March 2023

AN ANIMAL behaviorist has revealed the three dog breeds he would steer well clear of.

One of these, he said, has been known to "kill people in the UK."

He has spent many years in the field observing dog conduct, and through his experience has drawn up a list of dogs he would avoid, and has explained why.

Will Atherton's canine training YouTube videos are enormously popular.

But his post about challenging dog breeds has generated a lot of interest, with over eight thousand queueing up to get their views heard in the comment section.

First up on Will's list was the French bulldog.

"Now don’t get me wrong," said Will, "a French bulldog can be a great dog."

But this English trainer has seen some problems with the breed.

"With the boom in their popularity, I’m seeing lots of French Bulldogs with lots of neurological problems creating lots of incredibly difficult and challenging behaviors that are nearly impossible to fix."

Therefore, he would "steer well clear."

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Next up on Will's list is the XL Bully.

“This is a breed that is booming in popularity right now which means there is over-breeding and bad breeding," he said.

The original intention behind the breed was a good one, said Will, but not anymore.

"Although the breed was bred for amazing purposes for taking the intensity and aggression out of the pit bull, unfortunately, bad breeders are starting to put that back into them."

He continued: "This is why we are seeing XL Bullies go as far as actually murdering people here in the UK."

Coming up the rear is the Siberian Husky.

Looks good but not the easiest of dogs to discipline, according to this dog trainer.

“The Husky is incredibly difficult to train, incredibly difficult to fix any problem behaviors, and more cat than dog," he concluded.

His post attracted thousands of comments from dog lovers.

“Absolutely spot-on advice," was the grateful response of this viewer.

A French Bulldog owner shared their experience: “I have a Frenchie and he is the strangest, silliest, funniest dog ever. He has been to the vet, mainly to get his breathing fixed. I think I just got lucky with him.”

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Another said of his pooch: “As a Husky owner, I can attest to that, like a big house cat. So independent. We call him our Bimbo because he brings the looks but certainly not the brains." 

Finally, another Husky owner shared their funny viewpoint from their dog: “Watching this as my Siberian Husky sleeps next to me on the sofa, ‘Yeah, that’s fair.'”

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