I'm a DIY queen – you can use leftovers from your July 4 BBQ and another household item for the perfect fly trap | The Sun
1st July 2022

USE these leftovers and a household item to DIY the perfect fly trap for your July 4 BBQ.

A TikTok DIY queen who goes by the name southernescape, has shared this amazing method to keep flies away from your BBQ this weekend.

To make your fly trap you are going to need a jar, a hotdog, and some maple syrup.

It sounds odd, but these ingredients will keep those pesky flys away from your food.

Start by grabbing a jar, whether it's a mason jar or an old pickle jar.

This is also a great way to be sustainable in the kitchen this July 4 weekend.

Then put an uncooked hotdog in your jar making sure to cut it up into pieces before.

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Next, add your maple syrup to the jar. Make sure it's enough to cover the bottom of the jar.

Finally, poke holes in the lid of the jar, big enough for flies to go through, and close it.

The mixture won't mold or smell if left out in the sun, according to the DIY queen.

This method uses ingredients already found at home instead of the smelly chemicals that are used in store-bought fly traps.

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So, whether you want a cheap or non-toxic alternative or you just want to try something new to get those annoying flys away, try this method at your July 4 gathering.

Commenters were also asking how to get rid of fruit flies in the comment section.

If you are looking for easy homemade fruit fly traps, check out this article for three different methods.

Another commenter asked if they just fly back out of the jar. The DIY queen jokingly said "nope! flies are super dumb."

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Commenters were also suggesting a modification to this hack, by leaving out the hotdogs. They said the syrup is enough to trap the flies.

Some critics were concerned about attracting even more insects, which is a helpful reminder that no one method is fool-proof, so try multiple methods and find what works for you.

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