I’m a dishwasher expert and these are the mistakes you are making & how you should NEVER rinse items before
2nd May 2022

MANY people rinse their dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher – but apparently we should avoid doing this. 

The experts at appliance company AO uploaded a video that showed common dishwasher mistakes to avoid – and people’s minds are blown.

They wrote: “Don’t rinse your plates.

“Pre-rinsing means detergents can’t attack any food so it goes after glasses and makes them cloudy.”

The second mistake is when people stack their glasses in the wrong place. 

The video explained: “Glasses should be placed in between the lines, not over them.”

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They also shared how plates are often stacked wrong, and added: “All dishes need to face the centre sprayer.”

They asked in the caption: “Do you rinse your plates before washing them?”

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The video has racked up thousands of views and people were shocked at the rinsing fact.

One said: “Nah, I be rinsing off my plates, cups and cutlery and mine come out glistening.”

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Another added: “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

A third commented: “I mean we’ve had our dishwasher 3 years if you don’t rinse the plates are washing in dirty water and our glasses look the same as 3 years ago.”

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