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23rd September 2023

A BARGAIN hunter has revealed the best and worst items to buy in Aldi – so if you thinking of shopping in the chain, you’ll need to listen up.

Sharing her thoughts online, Kathryn Leech, who is also known as ‘Kat Saves’, explained there’s some dupes you must buy, including the Nutella and Biscoff biscuit copies. 

However, she noted the sugar is cheaper in M&S but the plain chocolate and Wheat Bisks are worth avoiding.

Posting on social media, the savvy shopper said: “Best and worst food in Aldi.”

She first of all recommended the Nutoka spread, as she explained: “We’re kicking it off with the Nutella dupe.

“Honestly this is one of the best products Aldi do, it tastes exactly the same as Nutella.”

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She then shared her thoughts on the caramelised biscuits and Seal bars, as she continued: “These caramelised biscuits are the same as the Biscoff ones.

“Seal bars are dupes of Penguins. Your kids won’t even be able to tell the difference with these.”

Not only this, but Kat also explained Aldi’s instant noodles, Brooklea yoghurts and Freddo dupes are also worth purchasing.

She added: “The instant noodles, particularly the chicken flavour, are the same as Super Noodles, but they’re literally 30p.

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“These yoghurt [Brooklea], this flavour in particular [mango, papaya and passionfruit], as the Onken dupe. I absolutely love these.

“And this chocolate [Denno the dinosaur] is a Freddo dupe and the chicken honestly isn’t that bad at all.”

However, she then revealed the products she would swerve: “Which leads me on to the worst products.

“This chocolate [plain milk chocolate], who even buys this? This chocolate is terrible, not worth it at all. 

“These Wheat Bisks are so bad. Any other supermarket own brand is better than those.”

Not only is the chocolate and cereal not tickling Kat’s fancy, but she also said that the crisps and sugar won’t be in her basket either.

She claimed: “These Snackrite crisps are terrible, they taste like cardboard. Not worth it.

“These crisps [Cheese Puffs] as well, honestly the texture is weird, the taste is weird. I wouldn’t even bother.

“That leaves me onto the last point, which is sugar. Obviously it’s just sugar, it’s the same as everywhere else, but the price.

“At Aldi, it is so much more expensive than other places. It’s even cheaper than this in M&S.” 

Kat’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @katsaves, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as at the time of writing, it had only been shared a day prior, but had quickly amassed 61,800 views. 

But social media users were left divided at Kat’s clip – while some agreed, others were eager to share their differences in opinion. 

One person said: “Aldi cheese puffs make me itchy.”

Another added: “All agreed.” 

A third commented: “My kids love that cheap chocolate. I think it’s awful too.” 

Meanwhile, at the same time, one foodie wrote: “I actually really like the wheat biskies.” 

A second disagreed: “Disagree massively, the wheat Bix are lovely and the crisps are lush.”


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Whilst someone else explained: “Love the milk chocolate!” 

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