I’m a dermatologist and this kitchen cupboard essential is great for chapped lips – you don't need expensive lip balms | The Sun
13th January 2023

A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed the secret to dry, chapped lips and no, it’s not an expensive lip balm.

According to Dr Dray, who posts on TikTok under the username @drdrayzday, if you have peeling lips, you shouldn’t reach for fancy lip balms, but instead should use something in your kitchen cupboard.

Dr Dray is a certified dermatologist, YouTuber and skincare expert, who has amassed an impressive 253.1k followers and 3.7million likes on the video sharing platform, thanks to her useful tips and tricks.

In one of her recent videos, Dr Dray addressed how to deal with chapped lips and her secret – olive oil.

She posted her clip with the caption ‘Don’t pick at peeling lips. Instead use a drop of oil to soften the peeling skin, then apply petrolatum.’

She said: “The next time you have peely, chapped lips, here’s a little quick and easy tip.

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“Don’t go sugar scrubbing. What are you doing? There’s like no barrier there.

“Why are you going to go sanding it off? Instead, take a tiny little drop of oil, a facial oil, or I don’t know, olive oil from your kitchen, it doesn’t matter, don’t overthink it.

“And just rub it there and that’ll help soften those rough corneocytes that are trying to come off.

“And then get yourself a petrolatum ointment – this is just plain petrolatum elastoplast, or just plain Vaseline, grease the orifice and you’re good.

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“Petrolatum is going to help reduce water loss from the skin of the lips and prevent irritating things from getting in.

“That's how you do it. You don’t go chasing Carmex and nonsense like that, laden with camphor and phenol, stuff that’s super irritating to an impaired moisture barrier.

“Yeah, just plain petrolatum, a few drops of a neutral oil to help soften that rough stuff. That’s it. That’s the tip.” 

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 59.9k views.

It has 3,507 likes, 82 comments and 35 shares.

TikTok users loved the hack and were eager to give it a try. 

One person said: “Running to do this!” 

Another added: “Thank you!!!!”

A third commented: “Needed this. Thank u!” 

Whilst someone else noted: “Dr Dray I admire you so much. You help me tremendously. I could listen to you talk about skincare all day. Thank you!! ❤️”

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