I’m a dedicated 'muscle mommy' – I showed how I built my bikini body, people say I’m their ‘inspiration’ | The Sun
28th April 2023

A DEDICATED "muscle mommy" who demonstrated how she achieved her bikini-ready body, has been described as "inspirational."

She was rightfully proud of her gym-honed shape and wanted to share the results.

This was no quick fix, however.

Goldie (@hardlifeofgoldie) has a gym routine that would shame the best of them.

She regularly slays it, pumping iron, lifting weights, over and over, time and again.

But for her, it is worth it because she has a body to be proud of.

Many of her TikTok followers think so too and regularly tune into her platform.

Her audience is huge, with over 666,000 fans and another extraordinary 5.9 million likes.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Goldie describes herself as being all about “lifestyle, fitness, and adventure.”

She posed a question at the beginning of her post.

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“How long did it take?”

Her response: "A while.”

This lady stood ankle-deep in pool water, wearing a teeny weeny, micro bikini admiring her reflection in the glass.

Then, without preamble, she dove into the pool.

The screen then swapped to images from her brutal gym workout and there was no doubt – her bikini body was the result of hard work.

Commenters were eager to have their say.

“You look great, big inspiration," gushed one.

Music to her ears would have been this view: “So strong, healthy, and beautiful.”

Concluding her post, this fan could only manage to splutter: “Extraordinary.”

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