I’m a country girl – people say I’m a 'package deal' and ask when they can take me on a date | The Sun
24th January 2023

MOST guys have a “type” – they like blondes or brunettes, home bodies or party goers, sporty girls or girly girls.

One 28-year-old Midwestern woman named Emma said she’s the total package, and most guys agree.

In a TikTok video (@midwestemma1234), Emma stuck her body out of her car and sat on the open window.

Parked in the middle of a green field of crops, the country girl posed in tight denim shorts, a red revealing crop top, and a cowgirl hat.

Her long blonde hair blew in the wind as she adjusted herself.

With a country tune playing in the background, she listed the reasons why she considers herself a catch.

“I’m 28. I come with a diesel truck, farmland, and a built-in waterfall.”

The men in her comments were instantly on board.

“Sign me up,” one person wrote.

“That’s a good deal,” added another.

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“I would take you out to dinner and have you for dessert,” a third chimed in.

As for another country girl that guys fell for, Texas influencer Cayla Bri underwent a dramatic transformation that left people swooning.

Posting to her TikTok account (@texascaylabri), Cayla showed off her classic country style.

She wore an oversized red plaid flannel shirt with skinny jeans.

To accessorize, she added beige, knee-high cowgirl boots and a Western hat.

“Five-foot-three, 108-pound girl trying on the viral Victoria’s Secret corset,” she began.

When the music beat dropped, however, the country girl appeared transformed.

She took off her large flannel and switched it for a lace, bright red corset top, while still wearing her boots and hat.

Because the corset ($90) was cropped and tight, her flat stomach was on display and her cleavage popped.

Viewers in the comments section were into her new look.

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“Marry me?” one person wrote.

“Can we be that kind of friends?” added another.

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