I'm a cleaning pro – the surprising kitchen product you need to get copper products sparkling | The Sun
22nd June 2022

HAVE some copper pots and pans around that need some polishing?

A TikTok user has revealed the unlikely ingredient you can use to clean it – and you probably already have it in your kitchen.

Sydney said he was "very surprised" to learn the alternative use for a popular condiment.

"You can use Worcestershire sauce to clean copper," he said.

He demonstrated, holding up an old copper kettle that was purchased at a yard sale.

He instructed viewers to pour just a few drops of the sauce onto a dry rag.

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"Wow, look at that! What?" he exclaimed in surprise as he watched the copper get cleaner in front of his eyes.

"That's incredible," he added, turning the cleaned side of the kettle toward the camera.

The side he used the sauce on is certainly cleaner and shinier, and it appears to have required minimal scrubbing.

Viewers are impressed by the trick as well, and some have shared their own copper cleaning tips.

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"And ketchup! It’s how we clean the pipes at work," wrote one commenter.

"Tabasco sauce we used it in the navy," offered another.

"Half of a lemon dipped in salt works better. needs to be kosher or sea Salt, but works like a charm on copper!" suggested a third.

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Others said the vinegar in the Worcestershire sauce is the magic ingredient, and vinegar on its own gets the job done too.

"Actually anything with acidity can clean copper," said yet another commenter. "Hot sauce, ketchup, lemon, even Sprite."

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