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22nd December 2022

THERE’S nothing better than a well-scented home.  

When your space smells fresh, you often feel at ease and inspired to be more productive.

A cleaning expert named Stephanie Padilla said she knows how to ensure that your home is odor-free – and it doesn’t take any expensive products.

Posting to her TikTok account @ABlissfulHome, she shared what she called her “essential oil hack.”

“I add a couple of drops to a clean, damp sponge and I go over my freshly vacuumed furniture and accent chairs,” she said.

Stephanie filmed herself passing the sponge over the back of her upholstered seating.

Next, she used a piece of paper towel: “I also like to grab a sheet of paper, drop essential oil, rip it up, and vacuum over it.”

She spread the torn up pieces of paper towel onto her fabric rug and began to vacuum them so that the scent spread as the machine passed.

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Although some viewers were appreciative of the hack, others warned that it could be dangerous on rugs if you have pets around.

Many expressed the sentiment that essential oils are toxic to dogs, with Stephanie then thanking her followers for the heads up.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to clean your rug, a woman who goes by @SouthernEscape online may have the answer.  

Posting to her TikTok account, she said: “What happens when you put an entire gain pod in your carpet shampooer? Well, let’s find out.”

After dropping a pod into the shampooer, she began sweeping the carpeted living room floor.

An instant later, she revealed the newly-cleaned surface: “Look at those crisp lines! O M G.”

The cleaning guru was equally shocked by the amount of dirt that poured out of her shampooer when she emptied it into the toilet bowl.

Many viewers confirmed the hack’s success rate:

“I have the same carpet cleaner and I just did this and it’s awesome. Just rinse real good after,” one comment read.

Another offered an additional tip: “I do that and then mix the scent beads with super hot water and use that to rinse. Best smelling carpet ever.”

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