I’m a cleaner and tackled the stickiest smokers' house – the £10 buy that’s the most effective way to shift the grime | The Sun
4th August 2023

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared a must-have product that she swears by when it comes to shifting the grime in a smoker's house.

Amy loves nothing more than getting stuck into cleaning a dirty, smoked-in house, as she insisted the before and after pictures she gets are "unmatched".

But she wouldn't be able to get it as clean as she wanted unless she had her trusty Zep products with her.

"Let me tell you that cleaning dirty houses is not for the weak," she began her TikTok video on the cleaning job.

"I don't know if you saw the smile on my face but I love houses that have been smoked in.

"I actually was not told that this house had been smoked in but before I even turned the lights on or walked into the kitchen, that smell hit me – it's undeniable.

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"You know exactly what kind of house it is."

In the next video, Amy showed herself getting to work on the kitchen cabinets – trying to get them from the yellow colour they were to their original bright white.

"These cabinets were sticky, they were stained yellow and there was just gunk all over them," she said.

"If you guys are dealing with an issue like this in your home or you know somebody whose house is like this, I want to highly recommend you go to the store and grab you some Zep products.

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"Honestly, these products are the only products you want to use in a smoker's house cleaning."

First up, she uses Zep's Foaming Wall Cleaner – which you can buy for £10 – before adding in Zep's purple degreaser, a version of which you can get on Amazon for £6.99.

"I spray them directly on these cabinets, which I usually don't do, but they needed to soak and this material is very very durable, and it's not as susceptible to damage as most other types of cabinet materials," Amy explained.

People were quick to comment on the videos, with one writing: "The after is so satisfying."

"Those cleans are my JAAAAM," another added.

"Wow you did a great job," a third commented.

As someone else wrote: "It’s a lot of work. I bought a smoker's house in 2021.

"Now my home is worth double what I paid for it."

"Wow that zep is impressive," another added.

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