I'm a celeb plastic surgeon – my anti-aging tips include a cheap cream and the number one way to prevent fine lines | The Sun
18th August 2023

WHEN it comes to anti-aging efforts, most skincare experts recommend getting ahead of it in your younger years.

A facial plastic surgeon, who has treated countless celebrities, revealed her tips for maintaining a youthful complexion.

Dr. Kay Durairaj (@beautybydrkay) spoke to the hosts of the Excuse My Friend podcast (@excusemyfriend) about the best ways to prevent signs of aging.

In the video, the doctor explained that "prevention is key" when it comes to skincare.

"If you’re in your 20s, you definitely need to be using Vitamin C every day, twice a day, and sunscreen," she said.

According to Durairaj, people in their late twenties should opt for Botox sooner rather than later.

When you reach your thirties, she recommends investing in "a really good neck cream, eye cream, and Retin-A products."

Retin-A is a brand of tretinoin, which is the "number one thing to prevent fine lines and wrinkles."

Durairaj added that the product is also a must-have for growing your own collagen.

She told viewers: "Your forties is the time to look for areas where you’re getting early volume loss."

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The expert gave the examples of "preventatively treating under-eye hollows and not getting eye bags."

The doctor recommended getting a cheek contouring procedure "when you start to feel a little heavy in your lower face."

Finally, Durairaj advised her followers to consider minor procedures in their fifties and sixties.

She suggested lasers, threads, tightening procedures, surgeries, and regenerative therapy to regrow your own collagen.

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