I’m a catfish and my glowup is so extreme people say it’s the best they’ve ever seen
7th March 2022

SHARING her epic transformation on TikTok, Danielle Courtlandt Bowes proved the power of make-up once and for all.

The so-called catfish amazed viewers with her before and after video, which has raked up over ten thousand views.

Showing herself with no-make up on, Danielle looked fresh-faced with her hair scraped back into a messy bun.

But the beauty lover quickly went from looking fresh from bed, to ultra glam.

Swapping out eyebags for eyeshadow, the so-called catfish looked unrecognisable.

Her green eyes that were previously lost on her bare face, suddenly looked brighter than ever, all thanks some nude and gold eyeshadow.

She commented that using fake ones "save the health of your real ones and are so time saving."

Donning a thick pair of false lashes and new pouty lips, it was clear that the TikTok user is a pro.

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Her perfectly blended contour completely changed the shape of her face, giving her a much more chiselled look, a million miles away from her no makeup look.

Viewers of the viral video could believe the transformation: " My daughter asked me if that was magic, I'm wondering the same."

Another adding: "Wow! so talented! unreal, absolutely stunning."

A third said that the result was "absolutely gorgeous" and that "I wish I could be this talented with makeup, your lashes and eyeshadow are perfect!"

Another joked: "I need your secrets!"

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