I'm a catfish and am so good at it trolls say men should take me swimming on a date & others are convinced it's a filter | The Sun
1st March 2023

A TOOTHLESS woman has amassed an impressive social media following after showing off her catfish transformation online.

Sarah Andres, from Edmonton, Canada, often shows off her make-up skills on social media, but not everyone is impressed with her incredible abilities.

Posting on TikTok under the username @lashesandlosing, the “self-taught make-up enthusiast” has gained popularity amongst the beauty community and regularly shares clips of herself going from barefaced and with no front teeth to all glammed up with a full set of pearly whites.

The 35-year-old has amassed 693.7k followers and 7.3million likes on the video sharing platform and regularly leaves people open-mouthed at her transition videos.

In a recent clip, which was shared with the caption ‘90s forever’, we first saw Sarah with a make-up free face, her hair scraped back and her two front teeth missing.

Just seconds later, Sarah showed off her finished make-up look – with foundation and contour flawlessly applied.

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Her eyebrows were perfectly styled into place and her bold eye make-up look was finished with warm yellow and orange tones.

She wore a large pair of fake eyelashes and her lips were finished with a nude lip gloss.

She also wore her long blonde hair down and curled and had put in her clip-in veneers to finish off the glamorous look.

Her video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 1.5million views.

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It has 43.9k likes, 2,527 comments and 5,683 shares.

While some social media users were impressed with Sarah’s make-up skills, others didn’t agree.

Many were convinced that Sarah was using a filter and others suggested men take her swimming on a first date so they can see what she really looks like without the glam. 

One person said: “Always take them swimming on the 1st date.” 

Another added: “This is why I have trust issues….”

A third commented: “Is this a filter?” 

Meanwhile, one beauty fan noted: “WOW!! The colours are beautiful!! You are amazing!!” 

A second chimed in: “Very talented and beautiful.”

A third posted: “Absolutely stunning.”

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In another clip, Sarah addressed the constant catfish comments.

The make-up guru said she believed it's time society dropped the negative tone, as she explained: "Let’s change the definition of CATFISH To Talented with Makeup.''

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