I’m a budgeting mum – there’s 7 items I bulk buy from Costco and the posh washing machine powder isn’t even the best | The Sun
22nd March 2023

A MONEY-SAVING woman has shared the clever way she saves money by bulk buying specific items from Costco. 

Known as @budgetingmum on social media platform TikTok, Bethanne shared that she goes to the retail giant to get the best deals on products from brands such as Fairy amid the cost of living crisis. 

“Bulk buying in Costco to save money…” she wrote. “Here’s a few bits I saw in Costco this week.” 

She continued: “If you have space bulk buying can be a great way to save some money.

“We always get our laundry tablets from Costco because I love the smell of the Fairy ones and it’s a better deal to but it in bulk”. [sic]

Starting the clip in the parking area, the scene quickly changed to large, stacked boxes of Fairy wash.


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While it sells for £22.80, she explained that it works out to “19p per wash”. 

Tea is another item she bulk-buys from Costco. The Yorkshire Tea boxes come with 480 teabags and is sold for just under £10. 

“Best tea ever – don’t anyone tell me differently,” she wrote over it. 

She also buys a variety pack of canned fizzy drinks, which comes with Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta, and sells for £12.82 – working out to “42p per can”. 

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Meanwhile, Walkers boxes that sell for £9.34 works out to “15p per pack”.

Bethanne also buys Old El Paso Fajita Kits, which retails at £6.99 andworks out to “£1.74 per pack”. 

She also buys her Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant concentrate drinks from Costco, which works out to £2.21 each as it sells for £4.42.

And, finally, the £32.58 toilet rolls works out to 47p per roll. 

People were quick to comment on her video, sharing their amazement at the long-term savings they can make by shopping at Costco. 

“I got the big bottle of fairy detergent and I got that beginning of Jan iv still got half a bottle left and I do a lot of Washing so worth the mon,” [sic] one person wrote. 

Another person shared: “I was debating doing this wondering if it worked out cheaper,” to which Bethanne responded: “I’ve got a video coming soon comparing it to B&M prices xx”.

While a third person tagged their friend before saying: “…this is why we need to go”. 

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