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7th October 2022

IF you love shopping second-hand online and want to know how to bag the best bargains, you’ve come to the right place.

22-year-old fashion student Nina, from Manchester has revealed that she regularly buys second-hand clothes from Vinted – an online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging new or secondhand items.

Known on TikTok as ‘neensfits’, the fashion fan revealed her top tips for finding the best bargains on Vinted.

Nina even managed to buy three blazers for just 90p each – so if you want to look stylish but without breaking the bank, you’ll want to listen up.  

She said: “Hello, today I am going to be giving you some tips and tricks for shopping on Vinted, I get most of my clothes from there now and I feel like I’ve got such good bargains and I don’t wanna gate-keep.

“Just to give you an idea of the things I have bought on there before – I bought these three blazers recently that together came to £2.50, so under 90p each.

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“I got this leather waistcoat for £5 and this long puffer coat for £12.50.

“I’ve got loads of items that are really good prices so I feel like I’ve got to grips now of the kind of things that you should be searching for in order to get the best bargains.

“So, first tip, don’t buy the item that you see first – when searching for something, I’m usually searching for a few weeks.

“Wait until the cheapest available option comes up – don’t expect an immediate purchase.

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“Another thing, be careful with the terms that you use, so don’t use terms like ‘Y2K' [Year 2000] or Vintage, because people who are using those words in the descriptions are usually those that are re-selling things for a higher value, so avoid terms like that. 

“Another thing with terminology is that you must remember that people will describe things differently to you, so if you want a maxi skirt, search ‘maxi skirt’ but also ‘long skirt’ as well – think about different things like that.

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“I’ll show you how I buy things from there – this is for if you are looking for a general item, say a grey blazer or a green jumper.

“You want to make your search as specific as you can, without excluding items that may be of interest to you – so really utilise the filters on there.

“I’ve put the size and the price point but I’ve not put that in the description, as if you do that, you might exclude items – they may not put these details in the description.

“Then at all times I have things that I’m searching for – next to it will be a number, here it is +4 – that’s how many times a new item has come up since the last time I searched.

“Now this is so useful as it’s going to minimise the amount of time you are scrolling.

“The best items I bought on Vinted have been uploaded in the last hour or the past two hours, as other people haven’t seen them yet.

“I’d really recommend having a list of items that you’re searching for and then you can see the plus button and how many and go on and see what has come on since the last time you searched”. 

Nina’s video has clearly impressed many, as at the time of writing, in just two days, it has quickly racked up 19.4k views.

It has 1,668 likes, 32 comments and 12 shares. 

One person said: “YESSS I needed this so baddddd”. 

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Another added: “Thanks for the tips!!” 

A third commented: “Vinted QUEEEEEEEN”. 

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