I’m a baby name guru and figured out what Molly-Mae & Tommy Fury might name their baby – there’s strong weather vibes | The Sun
18th January 2023

MOLLY-MAE HAGUE is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tommy Fury in just a matter of weeks – a baby name guru has given insight in where they might go with the name. 

Molly-Mae announced she was pregnant with her first child back in September 2022 and has taken fans with her on the journey ever since.

The former Love Island star is now in her final days of pregnancy after revealing she will be giving birth to a little girl at the end of last year.

But fans all want to know what she might end up calling the tot.

TikTok user and baby name obsessive @Emdoodlesandstuff has given her own take on what might inspire Molly-Mae’s baby name. 

American Em began: “It seems every person on the planet wants a baby name prediction for Molly-Mae, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a DM from Barack Obama.”

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She explains that she mainly makes the predictions based on someone’s Instagram aesthetic. 

“To her credit,” Em continued, “I’m impressed with how many followers she has for how boring this feed is. 

“If we could get a scatter plot chart to map out a comparison of number of followers to the interest level I see in an Instagram feed, oh I have that!”

Em believes Molly-Mae’s account is incredibly boring, despite having a whopping 6.8million followers. 

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She went on to share what other material explored in order to make her predictions, including a podcast about Molly Mae’s popular memoir

Em continued: “When fans latch onto baby shower themes and emojis as baby name clues, I am always a sceptic, because it’s always wrong.

“But fixating on those clues makes it interesting.”

She noted the clouds that were present in Molly Mae’s baby shower theme, which was her first clue. 

“Giving the sing-song element to Molly Mae, Elly Belly, Tommy and Tyson, let’s assume the same. Cloudy Cosy.

“Honestly, if Wendy gets to be a name, why not Windy?” Em added. 

Other very wild suggestions included Wispy Windy, Rainy Rae, Dew Drop, Fluffy Fury and Big Blanca. 

While the names she put out there weren’t exactly generic, or to be taken as serious suggestions, it seems she’s convinced Molly Mae’s baby will have a name themed by weather. 

More plausible ideas from fans included Skye, Misty and Storm, with a fan commenting: “She’s also British so that could persuade what the name is.”

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She is set to give birth any day now, after hinting at her due date in a recent YouTube video.

Molly-Mae told fans: “Here I am. Here is baby girl, full term. I am now nine months pregnant."

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