I'm 83 & wed a 39 Egyptian toyboy – he says I treated him like a 'sex slave,' he's a 'lying toe-rag' & a 'sewer rat' | The Sun
25th September 2023

83-year-old Iris Jones has hit back at her ex toy boy husband, 39 calling him a 'sewer rat.'

Iris, from the UK, began dating Mohamed Ibrahim, 39, after the pair began messaging on Facebook in 2019, but their whirlwind romance seems to have come to an explosive end.

Iris and Mohamed got married the following year and made headlines as they divulged graphic details about their sex life together.

But the relationship has soured and Iris revealed earlier this month that she dumped Mohamed after claiming he was a 'money-grabber.'

Iris has been keeping her Facebook fans updated with the break up and it seems she has hit back at his latest claims he was a 'sex slave' throughout the relationship.

Speaking to the Mailonline, Mohamed revealed he wasn't dumped because he was a 'selfish money-grabber' and instead sensationally claimed she treated him as a 'sex slave'.



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He claimed: “I treated Iris like a queen, but she used me as a sex slave. I loved her but she broke my heart.”

"He is a lying toe-rag," Iris exclusively told Fabulous when asked for comment.

Now, the 83-year-old pensioner has hit back on Facebook in a cryptic message.

She wrote: "I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people on this planet.

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"The intelligent ones and the thickos. I'd like to believe that I belonged to a higher order of intelligentsia.

"If that were so, then why did I succumb to the charms of a sewer rat?"

Iris added: "I have come to the conclusion that revenge is a dish that's best not served at all!"

The pairs two-year marriage seemed to have broken down when the pair went holidaying together.

The pensioner described how an official at the British Embassy urged Iris "not to give him [Mohamed] any money", but Jones continued to hand her toyboy lover wads of cash – at one point flying to Egypt to give Mohamed £15,000 personally.

Iris continued: "I had £40,000 in my bank account and I handed over my bank card to Mohamed every day and we were drawing 1000 Egyptian pounds daily."

She said this was to pay for living expenses, eating out and a honeymoon – but was left shocked when she was what was left in her account.

Upon returning to the UK, the pensioner discovered that her partner had fleeced her for over £20,000 after telling her she "should have about nine grand in there".

Iris fumed: "He was absolutely correct. £9,000 left of the £40,000.

"Mohamed has never had a job and has never had any money.

"I used to say to people that we shared expenses, but my money paid for everything".

However, her ex-lover disputes the claims and says he has worked various jobs while living in the UK.

Speaking to the Mailonline, Mohamed, from Cairo, claimed "She wanted me to forget my past and my family back in Egypt.

“I don't care about money. It's not true that I've never had a job – I've worked all over the Middle East as a welding inspector on power stations, in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I had a good salary.

“If I had been looking for money, I would have married a rich woman, not Iris. I've had many offers from rich women but I'm not like that.”

He shockingly claimed the pensioner treated him like a slave and has destroyed his reputation.

He claimed: “At first she was a good wife. But soon she began treating me like a slave. She was using me for sex.

“She stopped me having a shower, she wouldn't even let me use the toilet when I got back from work.”

Mohamed even claimed that the pensioner wouldn't let him eat food from his culture, and apparently said to him: “I own you, you're my slave."

Speaking of the break-up, Iris told Closer:  “I never expected to fall in love with someone 46 years younger than me, but I did. I adored everything about Mohamed.

“But it became hard work. We used to have a great sex life but then, rather than making love, we ended up arguing all the time about anything and everything. I can’t be doing with that. I’m not a lovesick teenager. I’m 83.”

 She briefly sought solace in Mr Tibbs, a cat, but sadly he's since gone.



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“I’m not missing Mohamed at all, the thing that annoyed me the most when he left was he took my tempura battered prawns that I’d planned for my dinner that night," she added.

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