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18th September 2023

WE all want to keep up with our fresh and youthful appearances as we grow older. 

But with the cost of living, it may feel impossible to do it whilst on a budget. 

Some anti-ageing creams were expensive to begin with as they have naturally sourced ingredients, but with inflation it can really shoot the price up. 

Luckily, beauty fans have got us covered – as many have tested out cheap hacks, which work “just as good” as the more expensive products.

Karie Brown, who is “self improvement obsessed”, has discovered a beauty trick which can save you a fortune on the expensive creams.

She claims it’s the use of Castor Oil, which can cost £3.99 from Amazon. 


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Karie, who has 34.5k followers on TikTok, has said that using Castor Oil on your skin before bed is a game changer when it comes to anti-ageing.

To help keep the oil soaking in the skin, she also takes a silicone patch and places it across her forehead before then getting a headband to help it stay secure. 

In a video she shared, Karie says: “Find you a headband that is really stretchy and just more comfortable and not tight because you are going to put this on top of your patch.

“So that way it doesn’t fall off because of the oil and then you’re going to go to sleep like this and you don’t have to worry about dealing with tape and it’s faster and I like it better.” 

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The video attracted many other beauty fans rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “You are absolutely brilliant.”

To which Karie replied: “I joyfully receive this compliment. Thank you.” 

Another added: “That’s the correct way. Others will dissolve the harmful chemicals in tape and drive them deeper in the skin.” 

And Karie replied: “I have a terrible time with medical tape, makes sense on why.” 

However, one person wasn’t too sure and wrote: “tTried that but I found it's not as effective.”

According to experts at Pure Essential, Castor oil contains proteins that stimulate collagen production by the skin cells, so it is ideal for use as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Be careful not to apply too much oil to your face, as this can risk clogging your skin pores.

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