I work in a pub and can tell what kind of person you are by the shot you order – Sambuca is the absolute worst | The Sun
17th December 2022

HAVE you ever wondered just what your favourite alcoholic drink says about you?

Well one person who works in a pub has revealed the personality traits they usually see in people who order different shots – and it's bad news if you like Sambuca.

Kicking off their TikTok video, an employee at Winchester's William Walker pub wrote: "Black sambuca – vile.

"You are a psycho."

But normal Sambuca is the "even worse", as someone who orders that is the "worst possible person out there".

If you're a fan of Tequila Rose, you're most likely to be a "basic b**ch" who "defo drives a fiat 500".

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Tequila drinkers are "respectable humans" but "just a bit boring", while those who favour a Baby Guinness – Kahlua and Bailey's – "definitely think they're edgy".

One they don't often see ordered is Limoncello, but if they do have a customer asking for that they're usually a "weak a*s b**ch".

Jagerbomb drinkers are usually "students who hates themselves", while vodka shots mean you "fear nothing", and the bartenders are "low-key scared of you".

One of the best shots you can order is a Jam Doughnut – Chambord and Bailey's.

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"Elite shot. You’re a legend," they wrote.

"You can't tell us otherwise," they captioned their video.

"The absolute Sambuca disrespect," one person commented on the clip.

To which the pub employee replied: "We’re sambuca haters, what can I say."

"I didn’t know the jam doughnut existed until now and I want to try it," another added.

"Apparently I'm a psycho or the worst possible person…must be the Capricorn in me," a third commented.

"some of my faves are black and normal sambuca," someone else wrote.

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