I work at Hooters – the pants are so uncomfortably tight, the same thing goes through my head all day | The Sun
27th September 2022

THE uniforms at Hooters are iconic, but it takes a lot of effort – and stamina – to wear the ensemble all day.

One Hooters employee confessed that her least-favorite part isn't the fitted top, but the snug shorts.

When Reah Ishida reports for duty at her local Hooters restaurant, she often shares clips about her experiences working there.

In one recent video, Ishida opened up about the most irritating part of her daily routine.

"The Hooters uniform is SO uncomfortable," Ishida wrote in the caption.

Posing in her shorts and branded shirt, the employee lip-synched to a song that summed up her daily interior monologue.


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Ishida mouthed along to a parody cover of Nirvana's song Something's in the Way.

She showed the camera her lower body and grimaced as she lip-sycnched the lyrics, which had been changed to "something's in my a**."

In the caption, Ishida said the song represented "me, whenever I have to wear my uniform."

In the comments section, people pitied or commiserated with Ishida, or criticized the uniform's style and structure.

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"Whoever came up with the outfit must have been real thirsty," one viewer wrote. "I recommend water."

He added in another shot at the restaurant's clientele: "Hooters Corporate really trying to cater to the 45-year-old dudes looking for a cheap thrill."

Other women laughed out loud at Ishida's clip based on their own experiences, but not everyone found the uniforms so unbearable.

One of her friends who doesn't suffer as much from the super-tight shorts commented, "Can't relate."

Ishida responded with a broken-heart emoji.

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