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7th August 2023

A CLEANING whizz has proved you can get your home spotless for under £5.

Kaye showed how she cleans on a budget as she headed to her local Home Bargains to stock up on cleaning products.

First on the shopping list was bleach – a "life essential" for Kaye, and one she managed to pick up for just 59p.

She then grabbed a bottle of white vinegar spray for £1.15, followed by some Mould and Mildew Blaster for £1.80.

She struggled in the washing up liquid aisle as she admitted she's usually a Fairy girl, but gave in to the budget and bought a bottle of Elbow Grease washing up liquid for 89p.

Kaye concluded her haul with a bottle of Pink Stuff to disinfect areas that needed it – for £1.15.

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That came to a grand total of £4.97, with Kaye then heading home to show her followers how she uses all the products.

"I'm telling you now, you heard it here first, white vinegar is life, nobody tell me different," she said.

"It brings your mirrors up absolutely amazing – look at that shine.

"You can do your windows, any kind of chrome you have around the house, light switches, my chrome radiator looks stunning – look at the reflection.

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"Also you can do all your TV screens with it, streak free.

"Anything that shines, white vinegar is going to do the most."

When it comes to her cooker top, she uses a bucket of warm water with the washing up liquid in it, and wipes over the surface, before shining it up with some white vinegar spray.

Kaye then uses the washing up liquid water bucket to clean all the cupboard fronts, "especially around the oven area".

Next she got to work with the Pink Stuff, on her table, kitchen counters, fridge front and door handles.

The bathroom was up next, as Kaye squirted a generous amount of bleach into the toilet.

"I say it all the time, you do not need a toilet brush to clean your toilet," she said.

"Throw some bleach in, leave it for a few minutes and the skiddies have gone, and all the bacteria that goes with it."

She also uses bleach to clean her floors, under her taps and in her bath.

"I'm a bleach girlie – I live for bleach," she grinned.

And lastly, she used the Mould and Mildew Blaster, as she said she "can't live without" it.

"It's required for any bathroom," she added.

Kaye's video quickly attracted comments from viewers, with one writing: "White vinegar is LIFE!

"I have all these budget staples in my cupboard – the mould spray, chefs kiss."

"White vinegar is THE BEST!!!!!" another agreed.

"It’s a natural deodoriser too."

"Thanks so much for your videos, I really struggle to balance everything in the home whilst working full time your vids always give me the push I need!" a third praised.

"Nice take on the £5 challenges, I like it!" someone else wrote.

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But not everyone agreed with Kaye's methods, with one writing: "White vinegar on an lcd TV, it will wreck it".

However, Kaye hit back by responding: "Mine are still standing so got to disagree and one of them is a specialist gaming screen – you’re wrong!"

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