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12th August 2022

A WOMAN has shared the rather awkward result after she went and got a tattoo while feeling impulsive.

Posting to TikTok, Ashleigh Gough says that she was in a particularly impulsive move when she decided to find a walk-in parlour and get a tattoo.

However, after arriving back home Ashleigh says: “I think that’s the worst idea I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t like it.”

In the comments she says that what she actually wanted was the word ‘smile’ “but the “il” as a smiley face and the eyes as a semi colon to show solidarity towards mental health.”

But when she looked in the mirror she realised that that isn’t quite how the tattoo looked, and instead it appeared like she’d gotten the word ‘slime’ tattooed on her arm.

“It’s okay, you live and you learn aye,” adds Ashleigh, and in the comments she writes: “It doesn’t look bad just not like the pic I wanted.”

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While she doesn’t say if she’ll have the tattoo covered, or lasered off, she does make a reference to having it forever so perhaps not.

She also says: “ It should look better in like a week when it’s healed because the ink has bled so it looks abit thick.”

Some commenters agreed that yes the tattoo looks more like ‘slime’ than ‘smile’, with one writing: “Tbh all I can see is slime.”

“I read slime when I first saw it,” added another, to which Ashleigh replied: “Fgs don’t! I’ll start crying again [laughing emoji]”

However, others thought the tattoo wasn’t actually that bad.

“Don’t worry I’ve seen a lot worse!” wrote one, while another added “it’s nice.”

And a third said that they read thought it said ‘smile’ even when reflected.

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