I was fat-shamed on my way to Turkey, a woman asked if I was booked for a gastric sleeve – she had no idea of the truth | The Sun
7th July 2022

IT'S the place to go if you want a gastric sleeve or new teeth.

But one woman was left fuming when someone at the airport on her way to Turkey assumed that she was going there for weight loss surgery – just because of her size.

Keeley McCabe took to TikTok to recall her fat shaming story, as she responded to the question: "Tell me the wildest way you've been fat shamed."

"So as everybody knows, I went to Turkey a few weeks ago and whilst I was in the queue at the airport, waiting to check my bags in and stuff, a lady behind me saw that I was in the queue for going to Istanbul," she began.

"She looks me up and down and says, ‘Oh, you’re going to have operation’.

"And I was just like, ‘Errr, yeah.’"

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But once Kelsey had had chance to reflect on what the woman had said she realised just "how rude" it was.

"She just assumed that as a fat person, in the queue to go to Turkey, that I was going for surgery," she fumed.

"I mean, obviously she was right but I just think that’s really bad."

People in the comments section were quick to sympathise with Kelsey, with one writing: "I will never understand why people think they have the right to comment on other peoples weight or body in anyway!"

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"Wow. Some people just don’t think before they speak," another added.

"The way my mouth just dropped…" someone else commented.

While another wrote: "Ppl needa mind their own business as a plus I've experienced weight stigma & discrimination to da max."

Others recalled similar situations they'd found themselves in.

"Lol I got mistaken a few times for being pregnant. Got offered a seat so that’s great haha," one wrote.

"I went to hospital unable to breathe due to covid," another added.

"Immediately put in a side room and asked how many weeks pregnant I was.."

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"Walking along the beach on holiday, two locals snorted like a pig and laughed," a third commented.

"I wasn’t even big, just a lil chunky at the time."

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