I wanted a fresh set of acrylics but they butchered my nails, I looked like I had salad fingers – I still paid though | The Sun
24th January 2023

GETTING your nails done is a luxury that many women look forward to, but one woman has revealed that she was left in complete shock when she left the nail salon.

Beauty fan Paige Plant took to TikTok to explain her nail fail situation, after she went to a salon for a glamorous set of French tip acrylic nails, but instead left with what she described as “salad fingers.”

Paige revealed that she wanted a fresh set of nails before her holiday, but was left gobsmacked when the beautician had other ideas.

It’s safe to say, Paige’s nails were nowhere near as glamorous as she had hoped and they have left many open-mouthed. 

Rather than pretty French tips, Paige was left with something very different – an all white look.

Her nails were a completely different shape than she had intended and were much longer than she wanted too. 

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But to top things off, the nail polish wasn’t neat and dainty like she wanted, but was instead messy – leaving her with white nail varnish around her nail beds. 

She said: “Remembering the time I went to get a fresh set and left looking like salad fingers. 

“The way that nail salon has just butchered my nails.”

Not only was Paige left feeling disappointed at her manicure, but she was too nervous to say anything to the artist.

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As a result, Paige paid and left, without saying a word.

She explained: “Paid full price as well cause I have ✨social anxiety✨”

Paige shared her video just one day ago, but it has quickly racked up a whopping 264.4k views.

It has 14.8k likes, 329 comments and 152 shares.

TikTok users were left gobsmacked at Paige’s nails and while some preferred to them as looking like ibuprofen tablets, others said they would cry if this happened to them. 

One person said: “I’m crying, they look like ibuprofens.” 

Another added: “SCREAMING🤣😭” to which Paige replied “Didn’t even have to time to get them fixed before we went away 😭😭” 

A third commented: “Baffles me how nail salons like these exist.”

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Whilst someone else noted: “You sat there and watched them do this to you??!!😭” 

Meanwhile, another user claimed: “I would cry.”

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