I used to be intimidated by men but the ‘upper hug’ move instantly puts you in charge and it’s a game changer
17th March 2022

ONE SIMPLE movement can give you all the confidence you need when greeting your date for the first time.

Dr. Kimberly Moffit, who is a relationship expert, shared how the "upper hug" move will instantly make you come off much more confident.

Dr. Moffit said she frequently attends events full of "arrogant a**holes" and is usually the only woman in the room.

"If there is a man there who needs to be taken down a peg, I do a move called the upper hug," she said.

"This move is so powerful that it can make even the most confident man squirm."

Dr. Moffit explained that if a man comes in for a hug, she goes straight for his shoulders.

She said that the dominant person always hugs higher, so by going straight for the man's shoulders, you're showing that you believe you're more dominant than them.

The relationship expert claimed that even though she is on the shorter side, she'll go for a man's shoulders no matter how tall they are.

"Doesn't matter if he's 6'4 and I'm 5'2."

"There's absolutely nothing funnier than a man realizing that you don't think he's the alpha," she said.

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Many users agreed with her upper hug technique, with one person saying: "I’m short and I do this all the time."

A second commented: "So this is why guys hate when I do this…"

And a third woman even said: "I do this and I'm very short but I never stand on my toes, I let them adjust to me."

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