I used cheap B&Q stick-on vinyl to totally transformed my mum’s grotty bathroom – people are quick to judge my skills | The Sun
30th November 2023

THERE’S no better feeling than a newly revamped and cleaning looking bathroom.

But with the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, redecorating the house is slightly trickier as our budgets aren’t as flexible as they used to be. 

Luckily, there are still ways around it.

Beth, who is a self taught renovator, has discovered just the trick and has even put it to the test for five months to see if it actually works. 

She completely transformed her mum's bathroom, by using cheap vinyl to give a marble effect on the walls and around the bath.

Beth took to TikTok page, called Beth's Abode, to demonstrate exactly how she did the transformation.



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In one video, Beth says: “I’m really controversially using vinyl to transform my mum's bathroom on a budget.”

Vinyl is a sticky back plastic film, which can be patterned and costs £13 for a 2.1m long piece.

Beth says: “I’m transforming my mum’s bathroom because the panels are faulty. 

“Now I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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“With this project there are really not that many things I can do before I need to tackle that final panel which is where the shower head is. 

“I normally take the backing off in small sections and for some reason this time, I decided to take loads off at once, which then ended up with it bunching up.

“It actually took me about five minutes to stick that back down properly.”

Talking about adding the vinyl to the bath panel, she said: “I couldn’t put too much pressure on it, hence me thinking that I’d cracked it at one point.

“But that also meant that there were so many more bubbles to get out at the end.

“The bunching up and bubbles are two of the most common issues, so I’m going to use those  clips to create a video where I talk you through how to stop that happening.”

Beth gave her 19.3k TikTok followers a five month update on the quality of the vinyl and if it has lasted. 

Pointing the camera towards the corners of the bath, the vinyl appears to have lifted slightly. 

But Beth adds: “I feel like once that is sealed it will just stick it all back down.”

Other parts of the bathroom appear to not be lifting.

Beth adds: “It still looks perfect.

“It’s safe to say that so far, the doubters are wrong but obviously I will update you if anything changes there.”

Her videos have attracted thousands of likes, with many rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “It looks amazing! You have a lot more patience than me.” 

Another suggested using a hairdryer to get rid of the bubbles which can be caused after sticking vinyl down. 

Beth replied: “My hair dryer was my best friend for the trick bits of the big panels.” 

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A third wrote: “fair play mate because I tried the exact same thing and gave up and threw it away.”

Beth wrote back: “Haha thank you! I completely get your frustration with it. If it wasn't for my mum or me filming it, I’d have given up on day 2.”

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