I turned my mum’s wedding dress into sexy lingerie to wear to bed with my husband, people say I’m weird but I don’t care
13th October 2020

IT'S not uncommon to surprise your new husband with some sexy lingerie on your wedding night, in a bid to start your happily ever after with a bang.

But one woman's sentimental gesture has left some people feeling a little uneasy after revealing she'd turned her mum's wedding dress into a sexy silky number.

The bride, who appears to be from the US but remains anonymous, posted a photo of her wearing the silky slip and matching lace robe on Facebook, as she holds a snap of what looks to be her parents on their wedding day.

She revealed how she'd wear the outfit on her big day while getting ready, as well as for her husband on their wedding night.

“Mum’s wedding dress redesign!” she wrote.

“A sexy slip to wear during the hair and make-up as well as the wedding night.”

But the unidentified bride’s comments sparked a wave of comments from shocked users on Facebook, who were baffled by the idea.

“Nothing puts me in the mood quite like wearing my mom’s old clothes,” one person sarcastically wrote.

And another added: “This will make an interesting story for her husband’s therapist.”

While a third joked: “My mum has been married and divorced five times, so I could make an outfit every day of my honeymoon!”

This will make an interesting story for her husband’s therapist.

Some thought that wearing the redesigned dress on the morning of her big day was "adorable" but agreed her other plans were “creepy”.

“Using it as a get ready robe/slip is a great and cute idea. The rest… No,” one person said.

While another wrote: “I can only hope my daughter will desecrate my dress into lingerie.

“On another note the idea of it being a getting ready robe is adorable.”

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