I transformed my council house garden into a serene space on the cheap – I’ve done the whole house up too
29th April 2022

A MUM has revealed how she transformed her drab council house garden into a tranquil paradise on a budget.

Sharon, from Wales, has lived in her council house for 16 years, and turned it into her dream home.

In the before pictures she shows on her TikTok account, abitofme123, how her garden had an awful concrete walkway with metal handrail and metal wire fencing surround the garden.

In another TikTok video, Sharon said: "The council gave us a garden with bumps and holes.

"We dug the garden up about four years ago and made it glow last year."

Now The mum-of-four has transformed her outdoor space into a stunning space, with the help of a mini digger to level the ground.


I did up my whole council house in just a week – it was hard graft but worth it

I’ve done up my whole council house on a budget – I’ve made it look so posh

With the help of B&M bargain buys Sharon has transformed the garden with a beautiful rattan outdoor sofa form Studio, cream seats and blue and white striped cushions.

The now Mediterranean looking garden, complete with a lemon tree and beige egg chair from B&M looks nothing like it once did.

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Andit's not just her garden she has transformed – Sharon has gone viral for showing the amazing transformation inside her council home too.

In fact, her DIY transformations are so good many people have asked her why she even needs a council house if she can afford to make it look so good.

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One person replied to the video, writing: "If you have the money to make a council house this nice you shouldn't be allowed one, there are people in genuine poverty who need one, it's wrong."

To which Sharon replied: "Sorry I didn't realise buying budget stuff from B&M was breaching my tenancy."

"Why are u living in a council house if u can afford to do that?" another asked.

A third commented: "Why are you living in a council house if you can afford that other people need it more?"

But many users came to Sharon's defence, one said: "Why do people think that you’re not allowed nice things in a council house?! Do they expect you to sit on cardboard boxes?!"

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"Jesus people really want the working class to live in filth don't they. So if the council is your landlord you can't have nice things?" Another viewer added.

A third exclaimed: "So people in council houses are supposed to live in hovels?"

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