I threw my son a huge 8th birthday party but only two kids showed up – we ended up giving the party bags to strangers | The Sun
9th November 2022

A MUM has shared a heartbreaking video from her son's 8th birthday party, which only two of the invited 30 children showed up for.

Karlaao took to TikTok to post the clip from her son's "pink party" at Chuck E. Cheese, writing over the video: "Imagine turning eight and inviting the whole class only for them not to show up."

In the clip, her son was seen sitting at the table, looking around for partygoers, as she added: "Anxious for his little friends to show up."

He was then shown putting his head on the table, with his mum explaining: "He said, ‘I’m going to nap so time can go faster and my friends show up'."

They went ahead and ordered food because their children were hungry, and tucked in alongside Karlaao's mum, who came to the bash.

She's bought loads of play cards for the arcade, but wasn't able to hand them out because no-one came.

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"It’s past 5pm and no-one," Karlaao said, before adding: "Only two out of 30 kids came."

She concluded her video by showing her husband "going around giving out candy bags to all the kids there since nobody showed up".  

The comments section was quickly filled with people empathising with the situation, with one writing: "Thats why i don’t invite my kids classmates they’re not friends just classmates.."

"Aww poor baby.. this has happened to my kids too.. my sons 10th birthday was Sunday and it was only me and his sister," another added.

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"NO KID should ever experience the insensitive act like this. This happened to me too," someone else commented.

As another said: "That’s why we don’t do huge birthdays anymore…we let the kids stay home on their bday and pick anything they wanna do that day."

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"This is why school birthdays will not be a thing for us," someone else said.

To which Karlaao responded: "It won’t be for us anymore."

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