I splashed out on a huge wardrobe of baby clothes for my newborn… then she was born and it all went wrong | The Sun
7th February 2023

A MUM who splashed out on an entire wardrobe of clothes for her baby girl was left stunned when she actually gave birth.

Tiahna took to TikTok to share a video of herself cradling her one-week-old daughter, before showing the rails and rails of outfits she'd bought ahead of having her tot.

"When you get all the clothes for your baby, and then give birth to the smallest little baby ever and you only have one outfit that fits her," she said, as she showed the teeny baby in said outfit.

"It's funny cuz my son was HUGE lol," she added in the caption.

"Everything looks so tiny when you buy it and then once the baby is born everything looks big," one person commented on the video.

To which Tiahna replied: "RIGHT!

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"I was like oh perfect I have stuff that’s small – then she is is SWIMMING in my ‘small’ clothes."

"My daughter was 4lbs 5oz she barely fit Preemie lol," another added.

"I was like girl we gotta grow cause you have a whole closet full!"

As Tiahna replied: "This is my life, I’m like I have so many cute outfits & we’re stuck in this onesie!"

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"Meanwhile I had a 10lb sumo wrestler that’s now 15 mo’s wearing 2T," a third commented.

With Tiahna responding: "That’s my two year old… 2 years old 40 pounds.

"Complete opposites over here!"

"Packed a newborn size outfit for the hospital…didn’t expect an emergency induction 3 weeks early," someone else wrote.

"Next time I’m packing a premie outfit just in case!"

"I had this with my son, had my whole family rushing to buy preemie clothes while we were still in hospital," another laughed.

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