I see seven types of mum on the school run… so are YOU the Calm Mum or the Screamer? | The Sun
13th March 2023

A MOTHER has revealed that she has seen seven different types of mums, but which one are you?

Taking to TikTok, Ashley Soto explained that how a mother talks to their child will instantly give away which kind of mum they are. 

Ashley shared her clip with the caption ‘Which one are you or is your mom?’ as she proceeded to act out each type of mother. 

She said: “Different types of mums when they're getting onto their kids.”

The first mum that Ashley spots is someone she describes as “the calm mum.”

Pretending to be this type of mother, she said: “Don't talk to me like that, if you talk to me like that again, I will take away your electronics. Don't talk to mum like that.”

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The second type of mum that Ashley recognises is “the mum that is not afraid to beat your a**.”

As she held up a belt, pretending to be this type of parent, Ashley acted: “Another word, say another word, I'm not afraid, you should be afraid. I got Mr belt here that's ready go.”

Following this, Ashley revealed that the third type of mum that she often spots is “the mum with the shoe action”, which she also described as “la chancla mum.” 

As she pretended to be this type of mum and held up a shoe, she said: “Don't you ever disrespect me again, you know what, this is about to meet your mouth.”

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After this, Ashley explained that she often sees a type of mum that she describes as “the mum that just screams and just threatens to beat your a** but doesn't.”

As she pretended to be this type of mother, she shouted: “How dare you speak to your mother like that? Don't you ever talk to me like that again, i am not afraid to get up and whoop your a**.”

Quite the contrary to this type of parenting, Ashley then noted that she often sees parents who she describes as “the gentle parenting mum.”

In a quiet voice, she asked: “Alright Billy, is that how you speak to your mum, how would you feel if mum spoke to you like that?”

As well as this, Ashley noted another type of mum, who she calls the “I'm not the one mum.”

As she pretended to act as this type of parent, she aggressively said: “Hey who you talking to? Haha you got some balls, cause I'm not the one.”

Finally, the last mum that Ashley has spotted is who she called the “wooden and plastic spoon mum.”

To this, Ashley explained: “Last but not least, I didn't forget about you, the spoon mum.”

As she pretended to be this type of mother, she held up a wooden spoon and noted: “Y'all better be good because I am bringing my spoon to the birthday party. Mmhmm.”

Ashley’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 479.7k views.

It has 73.6k likes, 1,238 comments and 2,924 shares.

Social media users could relate to the clip and were quick to reveal which type of mum they have. 

One person said: “Mines in between the screaming threat and the calm one.” 

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Another added: “My mom was 100% a spoon mom.” 

A third commented: “I have the gentle parenting mom.” 

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