I realised a secret woman was entering my house and using all my stuff – I then found out who it was and was stunned | The Sun
3rd August 2023

A WOMAN has told how renting a home went from bad to worse when she realised there was somebody sneaking in and going through her bins while she was out. 

Tahlia chose the house – which she thought was perfect – because it was furnished, affordable and close to the city centre.

However, alarm bells started ringing the day she picked up the keys from the estate agent. 

Describing the situation as “very strange”, Tahlia noticed the front door was open and “it smelled like it had just been cleaned like 10 minutes before”.

“The fan was on, the lights were on, and the back door was unlocked,” she recalled in a TikTok video about her bizarre experience.

There were also bananas and tins of food around the kitchen, as well as a cat desperately trying to get inside.

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Tahlia even felt compelled to ask the estate agent showing them in if somebody had been living in the property “an hour before” she and her partner picked up the keys. 

After a while of living there, the couple began to notice a woman regularly sitting in their front garden who would go through their bins.

They soon realised this was in fact the landlord – who lived in a van in front of their Sydney, Aus home.

The landlord would illegally enter their home while they were at work and help herself to what was in the bins.

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“When we would leave, she would use our bathroom, the kitchen, and she’d use our laundry without our knowledge,” Tahlia revealed. 

“And the estate agent was, somehow, allowing this to happen.

“She would come in with her dog and go through our mail and go through our bins.”

When working from home one day, Tahlia even saw the landlord sitting in her front garden “with a mate having a cup of tea”.

Despite the issues, the couple stayed in the property “for a long time” due to the state of Sydney’s rental crisis. 

They left when it got too much and requested to vacate the property without penalty through the estate agents.

“We just asked to break lease without penalty, the agent agreed and we left ASAP,” Tahlia penned in the comments.

“Wasn’t worth the legal battle but we would have won.”

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