I make deals with my hubby – he sends me to bed at 7pm so he can play his PlayStation but trolls call me a red flag | The Sun
6th January 2023

DO you have to make deals with your other half? 

It’s a question we’re all asking ourselves after one woman revealed the deal-making scheme she uses on her husband.

29-year-old TikTok user Becky has shared a bit of marriage ‘advice’ on her social media page, but not all of her followers agree with her controversial methods. 

Becky – whose username is Lifewithbecky_xo – has 14,000 followers who tune in to hear her strong opinions and she regularly posts life updates on her channel.

In a recent clip, the happy wife gives women her tried and tested guidance to achieving a happy marriage.

Becky is seen laying in bed with her head resting on a luxurious headboard. 

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As she scoffs some savoury snacks, the text reads: “Girls, marry a man who lets you do little deals with him… I go to bed at 7pm, he brings me unlimited snacks up and gets to play his PlayStation downstairs with no bedtime.”

Becky moves her camera down the bed to reveal another two bags of snacks, then brings a large McDonald’s drink to her lips.

She captions the clip: “MARRIAGE ADVICE,” and uses the hashtags #marriagegoals #marriedlife #husbandgoals

It sounds like the couple have made a good deal, with Becky getting to watch her own shows while her husband plays on his console with no limits.

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However, some TikTok users are accusing her of blackmail – and others have branded her a red flag. 

“‘With no bed time’, now that’s the biggest red flag imaginable,” replied one horrified user.

“The manipulation is on point here,” agreed a second. 

“So blackmail then,” commented a third. 

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In response to the harsh replies, Becky wrote: “Honestly so confused with some of these comments. I’m guessing none of you are married?”

A further opinionated viewer said: “Sounds like control to me.” 

And Becky responded: “Oh God seriously? Always one. It’s not control, it’s called having banter and a laugh with the person you love… it’s hardly over anything serious.”

Thankfully, not everyone has been so judgemental about Becky’s behaviour – some women have spoken up to share how they compromise to achieve a harmonious marriage.

“People don’t realise relationships take compromise, especially if you have children. Has to be give and take,” stated one user.

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“I ask if he wants me to go to bed early so he can play Fifa when really I just wanna sleep without his snoring,” confessed a second. 

A final happy lady shared: “Me and my bf have the same deal but he feeds me while we watch a movie then plays his game, it’s perfect.”

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