I made my own baby wipes to save money – trolls say they’ll end up covered in fungus but I stand by my hack | The Sun
14th March 2023

A DOTING mum has hit back at haters after receiving backlash over making her own baby wipes. 

LJ Flom took to her TikTok account to share a step-by-step guide on how to make the wipes using products you would most likely already have as a mum. 

“Moms! This will save you so much money!” she boasted at the start of the 53-second long video. 

The footage started with her having already placed a toilet roll into a clear glass bowl that had some water in it. 

She then squeezed a generous amount of Johnson’s Baby Oil over the top, coating the entire roll in the product as she said the “paper towel is soaking up all of that baby oil”. 

LJ then took baby lotion from the same brand and added that onto the toilet roll alongside Aquaphor’s 3-in-1 Diaper Rash Cream. 

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Following this, she poured a jug of water all over the mixture before massaging it all together. 

Finally, she placed a sheet of the toilet roll on the top and slid it into an empty milk carton. 

Moving it to a changing table, LJ demonstrated how she takes one sheet from the very top of the carton as she exclaimed: “You save so much money!” 

Despite calling it a “genius mom hack,” people were not as impressed with her homemade wipes. 

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“I feel that will start to get moldy,” [sic]one person warned her as a second agreed: “but the bacteria buildup and the chemical reactions to each other after marinating”. 

A third said they simply “don’t think it’s safe”. [sic]

And a fourth explained: “Closed space + wet + dark = fungal infections”. 

Others focused on her promise that it was cheaper in the long run over the hygienic aspect of the toilet roll, however. 

One person wrote: “surely using all those products cost so much more. A packet of Huggies wipe are 99 p x”. [sic]

A second person questioned: “How is it saving money? If you have to buy all those products each time you run out lol.” [sic] 

And a third shared: “looks like it costing so much to make it”. [sic] 

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