I look so fresh people assume I’ve had Botox – but it’s actually TAPE which banished my wrinkles
14th August 2021

TRYING to stay on top of a skincare routine can be painful, but trying to prevent wrinkles can be even worse.

With thousands of potions and lotions on the market, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, however, one beauty blogger has thought of just the trick. 

Olga, who reveals her top beauty secrets to her 307.8k followers on her TikTok account @naturalfacebible, revealed her skincare routine and how to avoid ever turning to Botox, and people can’t believe it. 

In a video, which has been liked by 1.9million people, she tells her viewers that all they need is some tape and learn how to do facial massages. 

THe 45-year-old writes: “How I keep it natural at 45 with no injections ever.

“With face massages and facial taping methods.”

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She films herself cutting up strips of sticky tape, before adding it to the top of her eyebrow up to her forward. 

In a second clip of her video, she tapes from the top of her nose, across her cheek and down to her chin on both sides. 

Olga also shows other clips on her TikTok of other facial massages and taping methods. 

Facial tape is usually made of latex, silicone, or polyethylene plastic, the tape can either be used to give a ‘snatched’ look during the day or employed at night to fight wrinkles – it is sold everywhere from eBay to Amazon.

Dermatologist Ellen Marmur of Marmur Medical in New York City says that using the patches nightly could actually make a difference over time, helping to prevent repetitive motions that make wrinkles worse. 

She says: “People do tend to have deeper, pressure-induced lines on the side they sleep on. 

“Wearing these patches overnight smooths out the skin and holds it in place, even if your face is pressed into a pillow.” 

However, it is advised to not use the tapes for long periods of time because they can actually have the inverse effect. 

Dendy Engelman, MD, a board certified dermatologist in New York City, says: “Extended usage of these adhesive tapes could cause exaggerated stretching to the skin and actually accelerate signs of aging.

“There could be increased skin laxity induced from tight taping techniques and/or prolonged wear.”

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