I live on a cruise ship – 10 easy mistakes that’ll get you booted at the next port & who you’re having sex with is key | The Sun
19th September 2023

FANCY getting paid to live on a cruise ship and travel the world?

Cruise ship worker Lucy has revealed the 10 errors that can get you booted from the job – and it’s bad news if you want more than one alcoholic drink after work.

Lucie Jarvis, who is from the UK, has worked as a performer onboard a cruise ship, and regularly shares insight into life on board. 

After revealing the four easiest jobs you can get on a liner on her Cruising as Crew account, she shared the things to avoid at all costs to avoid getting fired…

1. Having sex with passengers

First up was having intimate relations with passengers, and Lucy explained: “Sleeping with passengers, this is an absolute no no.

“This is the first thing you learn when you come on board for your contract, it’s ‘do not have sex with any passenger.’

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“Does this happen? Of course it happens. 

“Do people get fired for it? Yes if people find out that it’s happened?”

Lucy said that it’s often more exciting for the crew member or passenger as it’s forbidden, but she added that CCTV is everywhere so someone is always watching you.

She said: “I don’t think it’s worth your job.”

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Lucy said the only exception is if you bring someone on board outside of the industry, but you need approval from security if you wish to enter their cabin.

2. Prostitution

Lucy said that it may be surprising, but some people offer up sexual services to make some extra cash on board.

However, this is obviously not tolerated and will result in an immediate firing.

She added: “If you are found out to be exchanging money for sex, you will be fired.

3. Drinking too much

Lucy said when you are on board a cruise ship there is a drinking limit you have to abide by.

She said: “When you are working you can have zero per cent alcohol in your system.

“When you are not at work you can have 0.05 per cent alcohol in your system, depending on your weight and height, this is about one beer.”

She added that if they do a random test and you are over, you can be fired.

She said the reason for the strict rule is in case there is an emergency, as everyone has assigned duties.

However, she said: “If you go to the crew bar or out in port and get drunk and you aren’t too loud or causing trouble, no one will really pull you up.”

If you are having 2am cabin parties, you could be breathalysed.

4. Missing the ship at port

Lucy said that if you miss your ship at the port and it sets off without you, it could be the end of your contract.

She said: “If you get back to the cruise ship terminal and you are watching your cruise ship sail away, you are fired.”

5. Drugs

Understandably, drugs are a “no no” and they do random testing.

Lucy said: “If at any point you are found to have drugs in your system or in your cabin, you will obviously be fired.

“Depending on the severity of it, you’ll be handed over to the police in the docks of the port.

“I do know of some cruise members who have ended up in jail.”

6. Fighting

Lucy said any kind of fighting is prohibited on board.

She said: “If you throw a punch you are gone. Any kind of physical violence, it doesn’t matter who it is towards, will result in your termination.”

7. Throwing things overboard

The cruise ship worker said that “absolutely nothing” goes overboard into the ocean.

She said: “Whether that is a cigarette butt or litter, unless it is a life ring to save someone’s life because they’ve fallen in the water, absolutely nothing goes overboard.

“As a cruise member, if you are seen to be throwing anything overboard and it’s not an accident, and accidents happen, you will be fired.”

8. Smoking in cabins

Although cruise members still try to smoke in their cabins or vape, this is not allowed.

She said: “Crew members do try and smoke their vapes or cigarettes in cabins, some people like to detach their smoke detectors but this is a huge safety violation.

“Tampering with your smoke detector is immediate termination.

“If you are found to be smoking in your cabin, it’s immediate termination.

“You can kill people if you fall asleep and drop your cigarette on the floor, you’ve detached your smoke detector, people die.”

However, she pointed out there are designated areas to smoke on board if you need.

9. Stealing

Lucy said that if you are found to be stealing anything on board, it will result in disciplinary action.

She said: “Depending on the severity of what you have stolen will depend on the action taken.

“You might be given a warning, you might be fired, you may be handed over to the police.”

10. Sexual harassment

Finally, Lucy said that unsurprisingly sexual harassment will result in your contract being terminated.

She said: “Whether that be someone superior, lower position to you, anyone, you will be fired.


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“It’s really important to report it to security so they have a log of it.

“If you are reported to have sexually harassed someone you will be fired and depending on the severity of it, you may be handed over to the police as well.”

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